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Monday, April 5, 2010


back in 2006 i found this little sketchbook and went on a cathartic sketch journal journey. i filled the entire book with lil' monsters representing different demons.
not to get all hippy dippy on you or too sensitive but i generally don't expose much emotion to the outside world. my sketchbooks, however, often catch the grunt of that emotional restraint.(some might say "repression" but i don't talk to that some)

anywho. here's a handpicked selection from the lil' book.

this image is pretty close to the original book. all demons were drawn with a UNI-BALL VISION ELITE pen. black ink directly applied to paper. no pencil planning, just straight shootin'.

all the corresponding demons were colored in photoshop. i just pumped up the black and white to eleviate the gray from the scan.

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