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Friday, April 30, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

i tried to get paid to play make believe

when i first moved to this crazy town i took a gentle whack at being an actor. this is what i was sellin'.

believe it or not that was just a baby beard. it grew up much bigger and stronger before i had to let it go into the wild. (the beard i released. the hair has been leaving home on its own.)

note the "PLATYPUS WRANGLER" in special skills.


it's almost here! a brand new ROB Z PROGRAM!
THE RZP PRESENTS: GNOME AWAY FROM HOME-a pseudo-acoustic evening with garden gnomes.

wed. april 21st @ el cid in silverlake, los angeles, ca

my band is playing-Z/SCHNEE & THE BLEEDING LIVERS( i've been told we're "WEEN-ish") with special guests-KEVIN FISCHER & EMILY WEBER!(on horns!)

also on the bill:
JOE GREENE AND THE HEAVY STEPPERS- awesome, bluesy, jazzy, and kickass! the drummer plays a box!

and the always rockin' KATY J AND HER BOYS return to the RZP for another acoustic assault.


this is also a going away party for my good friend brooke who will be leaving sunny los angeles to pursue her dreams in less sunny northern california. you can check out what she's been up to and what she'll be up to here at FEISTY FASHION

business cards from a different time...

a time i don't remember as well as i thought i did.

i could have sworn that i put "platypus wrangler" on my old non-informational business cards. i don't know where i came up with it. its on an old headshot resume too. so i know i started the platypus wrangler thing at least 10 yrs. ago. bah. i dunno.

i also found another old business card, presumably from my high school days. the duck cartoon is not mine. it was some clip art at the card shop. and i don't know who "ed" is. but i think the info still holds true.
"full-time goof-off"
"part-time cartoonist"


season's greetings from COMPUGEEKS

for a few years now i've been designing holiday cards for my buddy john's computer company.COMPUGEEKS. for all your computer needs go to COMPUGEEKS. work with john and you just might get a rob z holiday card too. tell 'em ROB Z sent ya!


back in 2006 i found this little sketchbook and went on a cathartic sketch journal journey. i filled the entire book with lil' monsters representing different demons.
not to get all hippy dippy on you or too sensitive but i generally don't expose much emotion to the outside world. my sketchbooks, however, often catch the grunt of that emotional restraint.(some might say "repression" but i don't talk to that some)

anywho. here's a handpicked selection from the lil' book.

this image is pretty close to the original book. all demons were drawn with a UNI-BALL VISION ELITE pen. black ink directly applied to paper. no pencil planning, just straight shootin'.

all the corresponding demons were colored in photoshop. i just pumped up the black and white to eleviate the gray from the scan.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

He Didn't Go to JARED

anyone who's seen the JARED JEWELERS commercials knows what i'm talking about.

this is the 1st final version of the JARED cartoon.(see what i did there) i may redo it again. it took me forever to get the dead guy to lay right( and i'm still not 100% happy with it) and the shading and layout is a bit off. but i think the joke is pretty solid.

here's a first draft of the JARED gag. complete with spelling errors and rough character ideas. this was just to get the idea out on paper.