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Monday, May 31, 2010


HEY GANG! here's a new character i'm toying with.CRANKYPANTS PENGUIN. he's still in the infantile stages and may evolve a bit as i continue to draw him.(see "crankypants penguin concept sketches")design wise these next few images are a little inconsistent but i think you get the idea. he's a penguin. he's cranky. he wears pants. enjoy!



i'm not sure if i'll use any of these color ideas but i figured i'd dump some color on him anyway just to see how it looks.

CRANKYPANTS PENGUIN concept sketches

here are some CRANKYPANTS PENGUIN concept sketches. this will give you a little glimpse into my process.the images below will show you some different ideas on how i want CP to look. i'm still kinda working out the kinks on this guy. for example i'm not quite sure what i want his beak to do yet. but the image above is pretty much in the right direction.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

sketchbook page

i like ducks

disapproving ducks

feed the doggy. feed the volcano.



inspired by "HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON" if you haven't seen it yet i highly recommend it.

"here's the thing, i don't care what you do with the dog but my wife loves the little shit,so if you could just give him back it would save me a world of headache."

one more day of gray and i'm gone

sonofabitch. one more day of gray and i'm gone.
the june gloom migration returns early.
gray may.
melancholy may.
one more day of gray and i'm gone.
gray clouds
smog clouds
smoke clouds
one more day of gray and i'm gone.
one more day of gray and i'm gone.
one more day of gray

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

shits and giggles

ugh. i've been slackin'. here's a few just for shits and giggles.