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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

new name. same stuff.

ok. so i google searched "doodles and demons" and it turns out that some kid in Iowa on the myspace has that as his profile name. therefore i have decided to pick a blog name that dates back nearly twenty years.

when i was in high school i got business cards made that had no useful information on them at all. back then i just thought it was cool to have a business card and didn't quite understand how they worked. mine went like this(i'm going by foggy memory but i'm pretty sure this is how it went)



no phone number. no address. there may have been a few skills i missed but i think you get the idea.

anywho. that being said, the new name of this blog is currently PLATYPUS WRANGLER.

i also used to write a column in my high school paper called "THE NAKED PLATYPUS" so the platypus has been near and dear to me for quite some time. perhaps one of these days i'll dig up those old columns from the vault and share a few excerpts. who knows. i'm just making this up as i go along.

and just like i said in the previous post(see "so now i'm a blogger") i will do my best to post to you new and old doodles and cartoons. sketchy ideas and maybe a few videos and pics showing the random crap i do around town.

i'll also keep you posted on upcoming events such as THE ROB Z PROGRAM. Z/SCHNEE & THE BLEEDING LIVERS and THE ROB Z LOUNGE PROJECT. more on that later.

and there you have it. welcome to PLATYPUS WRANGLER. enjoy.

-rob z

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